Notable Residents and Celebrity Homes: Exploring Denver’s Luxury Neighborhoods

Denver, known for its scenic beauty, also boasts luxurious neighborhoods housing celebrities and notable figures. This guide offers a peek into their opulent homes, revealing a blend of history, architecture, and star-studded allure.
Notable Residents Denver Colorado


Denver’s luxury neighborhoods are renowned for their exquisite homes and breathtaking surroundings. These exclusive areas have attracted a plethora of notable residents, including celebrities and high-profile individuals seeking privacy and luxury. In this article, we will explore the notable residents of Denver’s luxury neighborhoods and delve into the characteristics that make these neighborhoods highly sought after.

Notable Residents in Denver’s Luxury Neighborhoods

Denver’s luxury neighborhoods have become a magnet for celebrities and famous individuals who appreciate the allure of these exclusive areas. One prime example is Cherry Hills Village, which has earned a reputation as a celebrity enclave. It is home to several notable residents, such as Peyton Manning, the legendary former NFL quarterback, who owns a magnificent seven-bedroom home in the area. Another prominent figure in Cherry Hills Village is Mike Shanahan, the former head coach of the Denver Broncos, who resided in a sprawling mansion in the neighborhood. These notable residents contribute to the vibrant and prestigious atmosphere that defines Denver’s luxury neighborhoods.

Characteristics of Luxury Neighborhoods in Denver

Luxury neighborhoods in Denver exhibit distinct characteristics that set them apart. One defining feature is the opulence and grandeur of the homes found in these areas. Custom-built estates in these neighborhoods often exceed 10,000 square feet and are situated on expansive one to ten-acre parcels of land. These residences showcase architectural brilliance and offer luxurious amenities such as indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, and expansive garages. Denver’s luxury neighborhoods offer a suburban, relaxed lifestyle while providing convenient access to downtown Denver and other amenities. The exclusivity and privacy offered by these neighborhoods make them a haven for high-profile residents seeking an upscale living experience.

Cherry Hills Village: A Celebrity Neighborhood in Denver

Cherry Hills Village stands out as one of the most prominent luxury neighborhoods in Denver and has earned a reputation as a celebrity enclave. Established in 1938, the neighborhood was formed by its residents to protect the area from commercialization. Today, it is home to many of Colorado’s wealthiest residents, attracting high-profile individuals from various fields. Notable celebrities and figures from the entertainment industry have chosen Cherry Hills Village as their residence. For instance, actress Pam Grier, known for her roles in iconic films such as “Foxy Brown” and “Jackie Brown,” has called Cherry Hills Village home. Musician Joe Walsh, a member of the legendary rock band Eagles, has also resided in this prestigious neighborhood. These notable residents add to the glamour and exclusivity of Cherry Hills Village.

Cost of Homes in Cherry Hills Village

The luxurious homes in Cherry Hills Village come with a substantial price tag, reflecting the prestige and desirability of the neighborhood. The median sale price in May 2022 stood at an impressive $3.7 million, representing a 51% increase from the previous year. The range of home prices in Cherry Hills Village is vast, with smaller ranch-style homes starting around $1.5 million and expansive mansions commanding prices of up to $18 million. These high price points are a testament to the elegance and luxury associated with living in this exclusive neighborhood.

Other Luxury Neighborhoods in Denver

While Cherry Hills Village is undoubtedly one of the most renowned luxury neighborhoods in Denver, there are other areas that cater to the affluent with equal finesse. Greenwood Village, located southeast of Cherry Hills Village, is another highly sought-after neighborhood known for its upscale homes and expansive lots. This neighborhood boasts a perfect balance of natural beauty and proximity to urban amenities. Castle Pines Village, situated south of Denver, offers exclusivity and privacy through its gated community setup. The neighborhood features stunning homes nestled in a picturesque landscape, providing residents with a serene and luxurious living environment. Polo Club, situated in the heart of Denver, is another sought-after luxury neighborhood known for its elegant homes and its close proximity to the city’s vibrant amenities. Each of these neighborhoods has its unique charm, attracting residents who appreciate the exclusivity, luxury, and outstanding quality of life offered by Denver’s luxury neighborhoods.


Denver’s luxury neighborhoods have become synonymous with elegance, exclusivity, and notable residents. Cherry Hills Village, in particular, has gained a reputation as a celebrity enclave, with distinguished figures like Peyton Manning and Joe Walsh calling it home. The luxurious homes in these neighborhoods showcase architectural brilliance and offer a wide range of amenities that cater to the affluent lifestyle. While Cherry Hills Village is the most well-known luxury neighborhood, other areas in Denver, such as Greenwood Village, Castle Pines Village, and Polo Club, also provide an equally exceptional living experience. Denver’s luxury neighborhoods offer a unique combination of privacy, serenity, and luxury that continues to attract notable residents seeking the epitome of upscale living.

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