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Peter Hauben

A Guide to New Construction Home Inspections: Why They’re Essential

Ensure the flawless condition of your dream home by understanding the importance of a new construction home inspection. Picture this: you’re about to purchase your dream house, a brand new construction. But is it as flawless as it seems? A thorough inspection helps uncover potential issues, ensuring you make an informed decision before closing the deal.

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Peter Hauben

Peter Hauben

20+ yrs in real estate, Principal Broker at Horizen Realty. Your go-to choice for luxury real estate in Denver Colorado and New Construction Homes. #Luxury #RealEstate #NewConstruction #HomeSeller #@HomeBuyer More About Peter Hauben

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About Peter Hauben

With an engineering master’s degree and over two decades of experience in international business and real estate, Peter Hauben brings a unique blend of innovation and expertise to the market. As the owner of Horizen Realty, he’s revolutionized the industry with his Listing Success System, turning ordinary listings into the most sought-after properties. Peter’s passion for energy-efficient design, commitment to personalized service, and relentless pursuit of excellence have positioned Horizen Realty as the go-to choice for discerning clients. Reach out to Peter, and experience the future of real estate today.

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